St Mark

Church of Christ
Disciples of Christ


Condolences to the Families of:


Sister Rosa Holder

Brother Jackie Taylor

Sister Lossie Whitley

Sister Elnora Ward

Brother Bennie Brewington

Sister Doris Ayers

Mother Lula McClain

Sister Thelma Wright

Sister Zelda S. Ward

Brother Richard lambert

Brother Gerald Carter

Deaconess Bernice George

Sister Annie Bell Hobbs

Brother John Earl Hobbs, Sr.

Sister Naomi R. Collie

Sister Debra Atkinson

Sister Ann Parks

Brother Wilbert Pearsall, Trustee

Sister Ella M. Wynn

Sister Vangeline Middleton

Mother Gladys Butler

Sister Annie P. Blakeney

Brother Ozzie Murphy

Brother Roychester L. Brodie

Mother Ada K. Melvin

Sister Estella Edwards Shepherd

Mother Emma Coley Wooten

Sister Catherine Hamilton Herring

Brother William Hodges

Sister Kathleen Smith

Sister Dollene Raynor Vann

Sister Esther Parker

Mother Eleanor Royall

Mother Grace Williams

Sister Mary Dillard

Sister Doris Shepard

Brother Charlie Cobb

Brother Gregory L. Dillard

Brother Maryland Lendell Williams

Sister Janice Faison Moore

Sister Barbara White